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Brian, our very popular Potter from Stoke…

February 22nd, 2016

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We published this picture of Brian, our Potter, at his workshop in Stoke on Trent on our Facebook page and got a lot of “likes”. Everyone likes a happy face! He’s a fantastic potter running a family business with a real passion for producing good pottery.

Stoke on Trent has had a tough time. The trend to get pottery made cheaper in the Far East was catastrophic for the traditional Potteries. Derelict buildings and swathes of rubble that once were Potteries are sad testament to the decline of the area. However, there is a swing back to quality pottery and companies like Brians’ have weathered the storm and are doing well. It’s a source of great pride for us that the beepalace is made in Stoke on Trent.

On another note – we will be firming up our Fair schedule over the next few weeks. Our intention attend some new venues as well as return to some of our more successful ones. The first big garden Fair will be the Grow London in Hampstead in June. We’ll update Facebook and Twitter with dates.

The weather is no doubt confounding nature as well as everyone else. How the bees will fare will of course be interesting. There may be some unseasonably early activity which might throw the order of things, but not necessarily be bad for bee populations.

There is a fascinating installation going up in Kew Gardens ( this summer (June) that will respond to the activity of honey bees in a hive. Everywhere it seems bees are getting more and more publicity. This is good news as there are so many people who would be more interested if they saw more articles and “bee attractions” to engage with.

This year we are really pleased to be selling the Field Studies Council’s Guide to “Bees of Britain” and also Seedball’s bee mix wild flower seeds on our website – We think these will be of interest to anyone wanting to help bees and anyone buying a beepalace.



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